A Day in the Life

Why create glimpses - a Day in the Life?


It’s been my experience that people really like to understand the history of an organization and also the daily creative processes they engage in.  It gives them a glimpse into the day, almost like a biography of the day’s events.  The photographs taken, reveal the inner workings of people who love what they do. This extends to individuals who are celebrating their lives,  who love what they do, together with chefs and artists.  The photographs also reveal the passion which goes into each person’s process through their daily activities.  You might say, “people are too busy to look at these types of images - they just want to know you’ll do a good job and get the job done.”  I’ve actually found that many people will engage me as their photographer because they’ve been able to see how my passion has grown and how excited I am about creating with others.  


Some chefs I’ve worked with also have restaurants and have added slide shows of their creative processes for people to enjoy while they are waiting for their tables.  Artists may have glimpses of photographs of them throughout their shops or galleries which shows them in creative processes  and personal photographs of them; for it helps others relate to them in a personal way.


As well, these glimpses can be used when you’re creating a story for your website; people get to see you in action and what goes into your daily creative process, which enables them to get to know you and want to engage with you.


Besides giving you a photo gallery of images you can use on your website; think about incorporating some glimpses of your daily routine for others to enjoy.  One of the things I love to do is create candid images of people they can post on their social media or website in a photo film strip and their personality really shines and it’s really fun!  It shows that you’re confident as well as approachable and when people look upon your beautiful face, they are sure to want to work with you.

Arianna & Alissio.jpg
A Day in the Life with Arianna & Alissio

A Day in the Life with people who would become special friends, Arianna and Alissio - sharing their love of the local fare and their people and.... took me along for the day.  I had so much fun capturing beautiful photographs of our full day of events!

I originally met Arianna online for a trip I was in the process of creating to Tuscany.  I could tell from the beginning that we shared a love of the farm to fork and looked forward to getting to know she and her husband better. I wasn't sure how this was going to work out because of my schedule during my time with the people in my group.  Yet I had included an extra day before returning home and....


As the Divine would embrace this coming together, we met and had a wonderful day out in the countryside of Tuscany.  I had the privilege to meet their local people who they were trying to promote; a shepherd with his wonderful goats and cheese, a local restaurant that used the local fare exclusively and a wine maker who was the first wine maker in Tuscany to be organic.  


Then Arianna and Alissio took me to their beautiful home where I had a chance to meet Arianna's mom, who was so very proud that she was producing her very own wine - how great was this!


So you see, from the original intent to come together with people with the same heartfelt interest and alignment, something beautiful was and always is created.  And the photographs taken will continue to bring back our wonderful memories of our special day together.


Thank you Arianna and Alissio


Creating for Your Website

Creating images for your website is really about creating a story about you and the passion and joy you share with others.  People are interested in finding out about you personally as well as your processes throughout your day.  

A portrait is not made in the camera.  It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are.  What do the portraits and photographic images on your website say about you?  And...what do you want to share about who you are?

When you’re looking to get to know someone or do business with someone, do you check out the About Me or About Us in the website information? I love to do this because it helps me understand more about the person or company. And...when you take a look at the images as well as the About Me - do they meld together in an aligned way. Do you feel the photographs reflect the intention and mission statement of that person or business?  A Day in the Life is a perfect way to express who you are and the gifts you enjoy sharing.

There are so many aspects which go into creating your whole story, for your website, to bring it to life. And...just like a beautiful tapestry, your story can weave in a way that others really see who you are; and that what you bring to the world is truly authentic.

Savoring Life - The Savor Event at the
Tucson Botanical Garden

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the Savor event at the beautiful Tucson Botanical Gardens in the Spring of 2020.  Everything was so very organic, and everything a wonderful event at a garden should be. 


Culinary artists, wine makers, painters and musicians all coming together to celebrate the wonder and beauty of food in all it's glorious colors, textures and tastes! The event was beautifully orchestrated and created by saaca.org.

Everything about the day was amazing, the weather was perfect, and everyone had a glorious time tasting the gifts of the chefs and wine makers. As a professional photographer, it was a delight to capture this beautiful day and create a fun story.

Throwing a Pot - Staying in Round
A Beautiful Metaphor of the Potter's Wheel

"Its about the centering place that's very important."

Just be free in mind and spirit to create; be centered yourself and then you can focus and certainly center your clay.


As you center the clay you need to interact and feel the clay -  it tells you when it's ready.


All you have to do is listen and that's hard for a lot of people. 


Once it's centered,  just listen and go to the next step.


You need to be centered as well as the clay.


When you're centered this is such a pleasant experience. - like life!"

...Dennis Ott, The Sedona Arts Center

To enjoy more - please visit my blog.

Cooking with Stefania - Pasta al Pesto, Tuscany

It was so much fun to get to know Stefania, and capture wonderful photography and stories for my group in Tuscany.  We meandered through the natural beauty of the small Tuscan towns, enjoyed up close and personal wine tours, and  goat farms.  This is just a photographic glimpse into this wonderful memory.

Creating with the Rea Family

Creating with Perry and Brenda Rea and their family was truly a culinary adventure, and over the top glorious from start to completion.  This photographic process began with my love of the Olive, when I was commissioned to photograph a cookbook for Lisa Dahl.  I feel in love with the olives in Italy and when I returned home had to explore an Olive Ranch in Arizona.  I discovered The Queen Creek Olive Mill and asked if I could photograph their harvest.  That was the beginning of a wonderful collaboration into creating the photography for the Queen Creek Olive Mill Family Cookbook.  I invite you to experience some of the fun adventures in cooking!

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