Create Your Digital Story

Enjoy a fun adventure for a couple of  hours or more in creating a digital story here in Sedona and from this experience you can continue to create stories wherever you are.  We'll take a few minutes to discuss your goal or intention for creating your digital story; quiet our minds, so we can fully enjoy each of our senses; visual, hearing, smelling and feeling.  This exercise helps us get into a fully present space to create your wonderful story.  

We'll meander through an area in nature, jotting down insights you receive, together with visual prompts which call to you.  

We'l compile the images and go through the process of editing about 20 to 40 images which speak to your original goal.  This is a fun process because it really does help you to focus in on the images that really resonate with you, and really enable you to create your dynamic story.  Using your iPhone or other smart phone, we'll create an album and then go through and enhance the final images, with the app that is already on your iPhone or choose a couple others to download.

You'll also have the opportunity to choose the music which calls to you.  You may already have a favorite, which we'll download to your iPhone.

You'll review  your insights and see which ones will further prompt you to ask questions and draw your audience in on a deeper level.  These insights you choose will help you understand more about your creative process. 


Now our elements are ready to create our digital story.  

You'll now have a beautiful digital story, which you can enjoy and share with others.

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I especially love the farm to fork movement and different special times during the year, so I created a digital story on the Harvest 2017.

Creative processes are something I really enjoy.  I love to create with people who are excited about what they do.

This is a way to share what I love with others.

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