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I love full circles and process - literally taking something from it's seed or concept, planting the beautiful seed in the Earth and through the cultivation of the seed other aspects of life are also nurtured; ourselves, our families, community, and Mother Earth.  As these jewels of the Earth ripen and blossom, they are pure vibrance and then they're placed in the hands of individuals or chefs who now go on to create culinary artistry they in turn share with their friends, family and patrons of their restaurants.  It's a win win situation for those who cultivate the land, the chefs and people who prepare with these healthy jewels to those who have the opportunity to partake in this wonderful, healthy and exquisite food, which feeds our soul. 

As you can see, I see food as something that is very much alive and as I love being in the present when I photograph for the cookbooks, what resonates with me is the full tapestry and wonder of Earth's bounty together with the ideas and processes the chefs go through to create
these culinary masterpieces. 

Each chef I've had the opportunity to create with reflects such passion about their gifts, where they receive their inspiration and all love sharing these gifts with others.  The books I've photographed are diverse, that's what I love as well.  They all reflect the process and also you are invited in to understand where their passion and inspiration comes from.  In Jeff's case (Elote Cafe) it's the process of the food, his wonderful relationship with the people who work with him, and the ambiance of his beautiful restaurant, along with people having a great time.  As well, with Lisa Dahl, it was her love of Italy and all aspects of life which reflect the romantic in all life and in food as well.  So her book blended in the love and joy of Italy with the beauty and wonder of Sedona, capturing the ambiance in both areas of the world, which she also reflects in her exquisite restaurants in Sedona. Queen Creek Olive Mill was about the process with the family and preparing with healthy foods, in a short period of time that were quite magnificent. Their Olive Mill in Queen Creek is a family passion.

I feel the chefs I've created with enjoy their unfolding story and have chosen a way to personalize the way they express themselves and their culinary expressions and that's why their cookbooks are extraordinarily exquisite.

I feel the same way about the vines and the wine. There is a full circle process which manifests with the qualities of the the year in which it is born. 

Said very poetically by Carl Jung:

    "We are born at a given moment, in a given place and like the vintage years of the wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season to which we are born"

For those winegrowers who embrace sustainability, it's their goal to create delicious wines which express the unique character of the landscape, conveying love of family, education and living life to its fullest. 

For Barbara and Bob Predmore of Alcantara Vineyards, their vineyard was a dream vision
to grow the vines and wines and in this growing to bring family and community closer together.
One supports the other and so the full circle continues. 

Eric of Page Springs vineyards has said "We believe to make great wine, we must take just as much responsibility for the lands we steward as the community we live in.  We strongly feel that growing grapes and raising  glass is a cultural ritual that fosters friendship, brings together families and unites communities.  Good wine is for the people."    
"Wine is sunlight held together with water" - Galileo Galilei

I also enjoy receiving commissions to help you manifest your vision and am happy to create with you here in Sedona as well as other locations.  Have camera, will travel.



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