Dove Mountain, Tucson and Southern Arizona 

My home area of Dove Mountain - personifies it’s name; - is tranquil and peaceful as well as a lush landscape with opportunities to experience and communicate with animals of all shapes and sizes, vast vistas and glorious sunrises and sunsets.

Dove Mountain is a great place to create photography for your family - yes with your pets,  portraits for your couple celebrations and individual portraits.

A friend of mine is familiar with Dove Mountain and shared with me Dove Mountain actually means Divine Order Verified Eternally. I feel this area has  invited me to commune with nature and the Divine on a deeper level.  I feel my new home of Dove Mountain will enable me to flourish in a new and 

different way, which i can also share with you.

And…yes, Sedona is a magical place I will always embrace for its natural and spiritual essence.. Yet, both areas are very different to me - both exquisitely beautiful. Sedona feels like red and green, while Dove Mountain feels blue and green.

I have had the opportunity to explore Southern Arizona, with more to come. Dove Mountain and the surrounding areas offer exquisite natural beauty, which I invite you to enjoy as well.

Dove Mountain - Divinely Gifted

“When you are in accord with nature…nature will yield its bounty, 

and every sacred space is the space where eternity shines through time.”  Joseph Campbell


This is a quote that has touched my heart for so many years.  I am nature and I so resonate with all my being with this quote. I love to meander through nature for I feel a natural rhythm of my heart, I receive insights and inspiration and it lays a beautiful foundation for my daily life.

This slide show embraces the Dove Mountain area throughout the seasons and I wanted to share this with you.

The Wonder of the Catalinas

Enjoy the wonder and beauty of the Catalinas in Southern Arizona. Could this be the place for your next portrait experience?

Savoring Life
Tucson Botanical Garden

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the Savor event at the beautiful Tucson Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago. Everything was so very organic, everything a wonderful event at a garden should be. Culinary artists, wine makers, painters and musicians all coming together to celebrate the wonder and beauty of food in all it's glorious colors, textures and tastes! The event was beautifully orchestrated and created by Everything about the day was amazing, the weather was perfect, and everyone had a glorious time tasting the gifts of the chefs and wine makers. As a photographer, it was a delight to capture this story. If you'd like to see more of my culinary photography, please visit or

Tucson Botanical Garden

Tucson Botanical Garden was a place I had photographed earlier this year, and knew I had to return just to experience this place on my own for an extended period of time. I loved the meandering paths, the beautiful mosaic benches which gave such heartwarming insights about the garden and our special relationships, and the ancient trees and lush Sonoran landscape. As well, the garden had just had a beautiful event to celebrate the Day of the Dead, bringing in another aspect I love; understanding more about other cultures and the importance of their rituals.

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