Janise's Bio

Janise's Biography

I’ve had the privilege of being a full time photographer of life for over 30 years, trained at UCLA, specializing in people and our environment. My artistic expression is truly about my inner journey.  I have been discovering, learning and cultivating the ability to blend, through many medias, over the last number of years, which is now be woven through my photography.  A coming together - the layering of ideas, and refining those ideas are the elements I now include to capture images and stories which reflect multi-sensory richness.

My photography has been pretty diverse, including portraits of celebrities, corporate events, weddings and people with interesting stories to share, special features for People Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, The Plateau Journal of Northern Arizona, and  contributing photographer for Sedona Magazine for over 10 years.  Showcase photographer for the Los Angeles Arts Festival, Arizona Points of Pride and Sedona Film Festival.  I feel the diversity of photography which I embrace contributes a far richer tapestry to each celebration and story I create.


Creative Commissions:

Keyholes to the Past

I Love L.A.

Everything Changes with Time

Year of the Parent

Arizona’s Hidden Country

Cookbook/Lifestyle Book Commissions:

Elote Cookbook – Sedona, AZ

Elixir of Life – Sedona, AZ

Queen Creek Olive Mill Cookbook – Queen Creek, Arizona

Art Exhibits:

Spirit of the Canyon – 2002

Landscape and Memory – 2003

Embracing Time – 2003

People of the Red Earth – 2004

The Poetry and Politics of Water – 2003

The Creative Spirit – 2004

Sleep on It – 2004

Layers of the Feminine – 2005

Random Acts of Art -  2006

Random Arts of Art – 2007 – Symphony of Life – A DVD Digital Story

Through the Eyes of the Soul – 2008-2009 

     Stories of Those Who Share Their Gifts And Insights – an Art Book and Digital DVD

Legacy Artist - Sedona Arts Center 2018


Websites:    www.sedonaweddingsbyjanise.com     www.farmtoforkvinestowine.com