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I love and enjoy being in nature and when I participate with nature, I feel the enchanted space with which to create. You could say that my photographic artistry is like a living mandala, for it embraces a rich tapestry of love, joy, beauty and wonder through the people I portray, the exquisite landscape which shares its essence with me and the plants and animals with which I share my Earth home.  It is this glorious life force which surges through all creation, that I have the opportunity to create within.


My photography is like a tapestry because each aspect of the work I do gives a richness to my whole body of creation.  The people, places and venues may change, yet it is the vibrant essence of life in any situation that helps me capture and create the story.  My extensive body of work over the last 30 years has emphasized people and our environment.  Each assignment is viewed as a new and unique experience, because each person, family and organization has a special personality, which needs to shine.  I share my wonderful attitude with you and I pride myself on providing exceptional quality images and customer services.  You are my people, who have given me the privilege of creating your stories, and I thank you. My home base is now Dove Mountain, just north of Tucson and I've had the privilege to live in Sedona for 22 years.  I love to create in both Sedona and Southern Arizona, I also enjoy traveling to other locations to capture your unfolding story. The variety of photography I cover is provided in greater detail below.



I invite you to visit www.sedonaweddingsbyjanise.com A wedding is one of the most exciting and loving celebrations one may experience in their lifetime. It’s a wonderful coming together of bride and groom with family and friends in an occasion that is filled with much love, joy, beauty and laughter, and sometimes tears of joy. It’s particularly wonderful to capture the stories in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona or other beautiful destinations.


Family Portraits

I strive to understand what you hold dear and seek to create the images and memories which best reflect the personality
of your family and which will be cherished for years to come.

Lifestyle and Storytelling Portraits:

They invite us to join in the activity or natural surroundings and entice us into the path of discovery. What is important to someone – what is the story they wish to convey through the photographic images – what story do they want me to capture? These are the questions I ask so I may understand and create the story or images that will best reflect their personality.

Special and Corporate Events

These really celebrate coming together with focus and mutual intent. It’s great fun to capture the ambiance or the story through photography of all the elements which comprise the special event and the people who participate and make these events happen. For corporate incentives and team building all have put a tremendous effort into completing goals and usually through much team effort. What an incredible way to thank your group for the hard work completed than to capture the memories and the story which reflects their work done well. It’s about photographing the memories and the accomplishments of these special people.

I also travel with organizations and have done so for more than 10 years to photograph entire conventions, including executive portraits, group shots, workshops, award presentations, parties and everything that is needed and requested.

Fine Art and Travel

The love I feel in nature is what I wish to share with others. It reflects my time spent in a beautiful and dynamic landscape, and the personality I feel as I hike and commune with the natural world and seek to discover the personality each place holds. It also encompasses people ghosted into the environment in such a way that you feel the beauty and the spirit or personality which weaves through a place.

When I am out in nature, I feel fully present and with all my senses fully engaged, I may capture, through the photographic eye, that one unique moment in time, which may reflect a richer story or image to be experienced by the beholder.

Pet Portraits

Capturing my love of the natural world continues to expand into the animal kingdom. For me, pets and animals are kindred spirits which mirror unconditional love, zany antics, make us laugh, make us cry and really bring out the best we can be. They have a special place in my heart and in many of your hearts and so I have crated a website just for them and the families and people who love them so dearly. 

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