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My photography blends a photojournalistic and artistic flair to capture the beauty of your wedding day, along with the fun, surprises and wonder of the love you share with each other. I am a photographer who sees the love, joy and beauty within the tapestry of your special day and through my photography weave it into a story to touch your hearts for a  lifetime.  Yet it takes more than feeling and seeing of the unfolding story to make unforgettable memories.  It takes a wedding photographer who has the ability to blend the vision in the mind's eye of the photographer with opportunities presented on your wedding day. It takes a wedding photographer who possesses creativity in lighting and composition to allow those memories to touch your hearts for years to come. Suberb wedding photography demands a photographer who masters not only the technical aspects of wedding  photos, but also a photographer who is an artist.  My  love of people, my professionalism and varied experience allows me to provide my bride and groom with exquisite memories.

My wedding and family photography emphasizes a simple elegance which reflects the way you naturally show your affection for each other. I feel that capturing your memories is multi-dimensional - of the senses - and really embraces the total memory of the time that the image is taken - almost like a living mandala.

I really enjoy providing beautiful images and memories and I also  listen to your excitement and ideas about your special day.  As I  listen to you, I will respond to your needs and concerns even when the wedding day is over; for all these elements comprise the wonderful memories of your wedding day.

I offer packages which include photographs for your own albums together with fine art genuine leather albums and exquisite coffee table books produced in none other than the  place where love lives - "Italy"

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Let Your Love Soar - Sedona Style

Sedona is a magical place for anything... 

especially for celebrating the love you share with someone special.

It really does have everything to do with the Red Rocks of Sedona. There is an energy which truly does embrace the love and joy, beauty and wonder of all celebrations which are infused with love; and it just so happens Sedona is the color we associate with love, RED!


What I love about creating with others in the natural beauty of Sedona is that you really can enjoy your proposal, engagement and your special wedding day the way you envision. I really enjoy listening to what is important to others and I love exploring the possibilities, which are really endless, in creating their special celebration.


I'd love to discuss your special celebration with you and collaborate on how we can make this a beautiful memory and story for you, that you will treasure throughout your lifetime.

Love is the Essence of Spiritual Fire... Seneca

Romance is defined as a quality of feeling, of mystery, excitement and remoteness from everyday life.


At this time of Valentine's Day we naturally ponder the idea of romantic love and often we think of it as the love between two people.  Could it be that romance is really feeling a heightened sense of  joy in your life and loving your life.  Love and romance, in my opinion, extends into so many relationships.  It can be the love we have for ourselves, enough to take ourselves on an artist date.  It can be the love and excitement we feel with our special loved one.  I've experienced romance through all the coming togethers I capture; friends celebrating with each other; people with their pets; people enjoying their family in the beauty and wonder of nature and individuals who feel a special joy about something they've accomplished which brings them joy, and yes, couples on their wedding day with friends and family; and proposals which are so joyful. I've come to understand that we can feel romance with all our Earth's family, and in doing whatever brings us joy -- how wonderful is this?

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