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Native Peoples

Celebration of Mother Earth &  Father Sky

My love of the ancient and native peoples, their traditions and way of living has been something that has been a focus of my life for the last 30 years. I guess it first began when my Grandfather on one of our wonderful journeys showed me my first Indian ruin.  I never forgot this memory and when I was still in California had many a chance to enjoy the rock art in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles).  This quest to understand more about traditions, and spiritual perspectives led me to moving to Arizona.  I realized just recently, this was actually my sole reason for coming to  Arizona - to understand more about these amazing people.

Monument Valley - A Sacred Place to enter and just enjoy the full essence of being still and listening to your inner thoughts and feelings as aligned with nature.


These images represent a celebration of The View

and how this resort was intended to reflect the beauty and wonder of this sacred land and also the people who make their home here.


I hope  you enjoy.

Uqualla - Havasupai Medicine Man

Part of the journey we don't quite understand.  At the moment of change that comes into our life - the beauty of the day - how it unfolds - begins with sunrise - the changes of light onto the land - and all that is part of the surrounding.


It is for this reason that the ancestors used to refer to it to all our relations, and what's included of all that is that we see with our human eyes, all of creation, the ancestors simply refer as the tree peoples, the rock peoples, the four leggeds, the two leggeds, the winged ones, the cloud peoples - all that is. They are here for a specific purpose.


When we ask why we don't understand, we simply  have yet to discover, surrender to all that is our surrounding. When we can sit and just observe and be in the moment - the moment is the calling.


Part of Spirit's responsibility is to constantly offer teaching to you that is on a day to day basis.


As you sit in quiet moment reflection - look around you.  Communication of Spirit is coming - look in the shadow textures, the forms, the smells all part of grand spiritual awakening - ceremony - ritual.


People put too much into the word ceremony and ritual. In Spirit's eyes refers to our very existence of breathing as that ritual and ceremony of life and we are to honor every step - breathe every breath seeing and feeling.


Nowhere is the journey of ours complete with our completion and understanding. We are meant to walk this entire life journey and each day we are to learn beauty of teaching comes with each and every waking day – look at the beauty of everything around you. And all that is perceived as negative there is a teaching you observe, surrender to it and allow for its teaching to take hold. For the moment you allow this to happen you are given  the gifting of wisdom the knowledge so you are able to step into that next step then beauty is your awakening  to all that is creation will bring in much illumination and clarity.


Don’t distress – don’t frustrate – it’s  meant for us to walk journey of longevity and not to have it yesterday we are to have what we’re given in this moment and honor it and always being in a place of humble gratitude.


Know you are here for a purpose and know that all  our relations, our friends, family, extended family are here to help motivate you in your journey.  Therefore, allow for it to come  and allow for your contribution in best way possible. And when you do so for you also provide this wonderful teaching example for all those around you. The words you hear, not just of me, but words  of all you see your surrounding. If  it is meant for you to hear you will hear it - you will take to heart and allow for it to go through your heart sieve and what comes through your heart sieve is the  pure essence of what is specifically meant for you.


Let yourself be the one to bring in the messages


Let yourself be the one to bring in the understanding


Let yourself be the one that takes it and  brings it into activation, contribution into your journey and this is your walk  - beautiful walk of spirit reflection and be happy for all that is that comes to you.


Know with this happiness, when Spirit smiles it means you are blessed


Hear the words of Spirit - continue to walk a walk that is the best reflection when the people say we say “It is Good”


Tony Redhouse - Native American Soundhealer


There is a pulse within the universe within Mother Earth – that pulse is the heartbeat of the Spirit.


This pulse is the unconditional love that unites all of life in the Universe the pulse of nature – every tree, every leaf, every stone, every rock, every drop of water – all the clouds – the stars pulse together – the hearts of the birds pulse together, all the animals are united in this place that vibrates through the whole world and this pulse of the universe it is the pulse of the Spirit – Unconditional Love.


When our hearts pulse together with all of life in the Universe and we unite our hearts. With this pulse of unconditional love and we are able to be content to be this pulse of unconditional love in the Universe and Mother Earth and all the land and all of nature the same pulse that vibrates in all the hearts of the animals, all the trees, all the mountains, the water, the fire and we are content to pulse together and be in tune with unconditional love then the universe will be a place of harmony. It will cause our own personal lives to come into balance as we respond and a we bring this pulse into our lives and allow it to fill us and gives us passion and be connected with all life and the universe then it is able to heal our bodies, our minds, our soul, our relationships and when all of us are together and united there is peace, there is  harmony in the universe – our personal lives come into balance when we are united with ourselves  uniting our body, soul, mind, relationships then we are healed because we are complete we are whole we are one with ourselves.


When each of us become one with ourselves and find that personal balance then we connect to each other as circles of light and connect to each other and we create harmony in the universe uniting with all of life around us forces of nature all the galaxies all of the stars the ancestors and we can live in perfect harmony in this world today by allowing ourselves to align up and for allowing ourselves to align with this pulse of Mother Earth within all forces of nature and create this beautiful world of harmony and peace where there will not be any more greed, violence, crime – we won’t be needy, we will not be lacking no living in fear or  judgment because not lacking anything – we don’t need to go outside of ourselves to find peace or fulfillment – no need for war – a place where all races and people unite together as one – unite to be strong together with the universe.


I joined Uqualla and Baby Sue in a beautiful and sacred area of the Four Corners area, as they came together to celebrate life, and Mother Earth.  I so enjoyed and felt honored to be part of this ceremony. 


I hope  you will enjoy this.

The Winter Solstice - embracing cosmic cycles of other worlds and dimensions - the closure of the old and opening into the dimensional door of the new year...James Uqualla - Jeva

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