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A Day In the Life...

Why Create Glimpses - a Day in the Life?


It’s been my experience that people really like to understand the history of an organization and also the daily creative processes they engage in.It gives them a glimpse into the day, almost like a biography of the day’s events. The photographs taken, reveal the inner workings of people who love what they do. This extends to individuals who are celebrating their lives, who love what they do, together with chefs and artists. The photographs also reveal the passion which goes into each person’s process through their daily activities. You might say, “people are too busy to look at these types of images - they just want to know you’ll do a good job and get the job done.” I’ve actually found that many people will engage me as their photographer because they’ve been able to see how my passion has grown and how excited I am about creating with others.  


Some chefs I’ve worked with also have restaurants and have added slide shows of their creative processes for people to enjoy while they are waiting for their tables. Artists may have glimpses of photographs of them throughout their shops or galleries which shows them in creative processes  and personal photographs of them; for it helps others relate to them in a personal way.


As well, these glimpses can be used when you’re creating a story for your website; people get to see you in action and what goes into your daily creative process, which enables them to get to know you and want to engage with you.


Besides giving you a photo gallery of images you can use on your website; think about incorporating some glimpses of your daily routine for others to enjoy. One of the things I love to do is create candid images of people they can post on their social media or website in a photo film strip and their personality really shines and it’s really fun! 


It shows that you’re confident as well as approachable and when people look upon your beautiful face, they are sure to want to work with you.

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