Much comes with our opening to the gifts of Divine Creator Source! ...Uqualla

Many have seen Uqualla around the Sedona area, for that was his home for many years, and he frequents Sedona quite regularly, yet many may not know all the gifts he has shared and is happy to share with you on a personal level. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a more

in-depth understanding of Uqualla and his gifts through his words:

"I have been very fortunate to have embraced the importance of spirituality in ones EarthWalk (life). One must never discount the challenges that we all encounter. This has, with time for me, given the fuller understanding of my purpose and priorities in my EarthWalk."

I am a product of spirituality, in times of generational transitions from the last remnants of old school and the newer hybrid of spiritual expression! I have been very fortunate to be from a household that included a father who was a deacon in the Baptist religion, as well as a medicine man, grandfather! Both taught their respective beliefs to my brother, sister, and myself!

My life accomplishments have included: para-professional health assistant, health out-reach director for urban indians, both the sub-chief, and chief of my tribe (Havassupai Nation), developer of the lodge and hospitality services in Havasupai Nation, member of numerous tourism boards, Fashion designer, healer, dancer, traditional singer, cultural ambassador, and now an international spiritual diplomat!

Now my vision and work is being realized in the utilization of technology, remote healing, counsel, readings, thru:

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I avail myself to speaking and teaching engagements.

Gratitude for your attention,

"In Spirits Embrace"

Contemplation - Reflecting thoughtfully

on a life well lived -

full of love.... Jillian Fine Heise

When we're fully present, our memories are infused with such rich tapestry, because they're embraced by all our senses, heart and spirit. So, when I thought about how I would like to expand the gifts I share with others, I went through my year's experiences. For me, that's really tied into nature, my loved ones and the wonderful people I have the opportunity to create with.

I began first looking through my physical calendar, and its really funny because my experiences felt really ordinary and with the pandemic at times really difficult; like what was so great about my current year. Then, to my computer of images I went. Wow, wow, wow! What a creative year I had. As well, I enjoyed a deeper connection with my husband and loved ones, meditated on a deeper level with more consistency, which helped me be even more present and conscious, and spent more time in nature.

How does this help me to expand my gifts and how can this exercise help you to understand what direction you might want to take? By reflecting on your experiences you've had, (you could even use your iPhone and create an album for review) you get a sense of what you've loved about your year and what you would like to enjoy more of. There may even be challenges you've worked through. Yet, sometimes the images we capture provide insights on how we navigated through difficult times.

For me, I know I love all of Earth's family; nature, people and pets. I realized through this experience that I'd like to enjoy more collaboration with others, delve deeper into the story telling process and incorporate more time to explore and wander.

Where do you want to go in 2021

? What would infuse your life with joy?

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in. ~John Muir

And, so it is with Portraits to Transform

I understand first hand through engaging in my morning process of meditation, journaling and spending time in nature, just how this process has enriched my life, helped me understand situations with more clarity and enabled me to take steps toward realizing my dreams.

I also love to share this love I have for nature and this quiet reflective process with others, so each person can see how they are able to access this enrichment into their lives, no matter what their circumstances may be or helping them to build their dreams.

I feel these Portraits to Transform are about delving into a deeper level of storytelling and a real gift to each person that takes this opportunity. These are completely confidential (I received the approval from Susie prior to her portrait to share her portrait experience with you).

I see and feel the strength in setting an intention, doing a meditation or walking meditation; capturing images which reflect that intention and then adding music; again selected by you to create a visual meditation.

Susie's intention: What does it mean to be worthy.

Her insights really were so profound, which I feel you will enjoy:

The power of transformation doesn't come in everything taking place in the way that you think it should, the power of transformation comes in the unexpected experiences that challenge who we are, what we believe, and the limitations we've unfairly placed on ourselves. The storm clouds of our lives bring forth doubt, fear, fight, flight, and sometimes a freezing in place, but it is within these clouds that we discover our greatest source of growth. We cannot experience our light without truly experiencing our darkness. What does it mean to be worthy of our own darkness, sadness, fear, and doubt? It is a profound question because we often don't relate worthiness with the darkness within ourselves, but for me the darkness is what brought forth the light. The trials, the tribulations, the isolation is what developed the light just like a photo developing in a dark room; a little at a time, the picture, purpose, and worthiness of my life began to develop. Being worthy of my darkness, in turn developed into me being worthy of my own light. Beyond the darkness, lies a place in our soul that is unwounded and wrapped in light; this is the core of who we are and we are always worthy of its' presence.

As well, I then take the images you've selected and create a visual journal which also includes pages for you to continue to write into your process.

These are then given to you, so you can continue to enjoy the visual meditation as well as the insights you receive as you continue to ponder your intention.

I look forward to discussing your special Portrait with you. Whether you are celebrating your life, have a question you would like answers and insights to or desiring to understand how to move forward with your dreams; this is sure to inspire you, because it is about you and it is personalized for you.

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