I had the wonderful opportunity to watch an empowering movie a couple of nights ago - "Kodachrome" - about a father who has lost touch with his son and wants to reconnect with him as well as get some Kodachrome film developed; for the lab is the last lab standing that processes Kodachrome film; and it is about to close - lots of closures in this film.

I grew up and lived in the film era, where you had to be really present and focused on every aspect of the photographic image you were capturing, together with technical aspects of your camera so you could capture just the right image. Kodachrome slide film, as was true of other slide films, was very exacting - there was very little latitude for poor exposure; you'd just end up with a bad image that really couldn't be corrected with Photoshop because there wasn't such a thing.

There was a wonderful aspect to my time in film. Even though you became experienced at exposure and framing your shot, there was that wonderful anticipation when you picked your slides up at the lab to peruse your creations and also enjoy some surprises.

I love digital and I feel my film background actually has helped me to be a better photographer. Yet, I feel if there's one thing I could say about creating more vibrant and full textured images, it's to be present and conscious; really focus in on what you're trying to capture and ask why. What happens is that each image is truly a moment in time which captures that full memory of when it was taken and in a beautiful way!

What if, by engaging in activities that center your heart and mind, you were able to feel more joy, create on a deeper level, and process through your projects and responsibilities with more enthusiasm?

I recently saw an article in Linkedin on this very topic and it gave me pause to ponder; is being joyful and fully engaged in your beautiful life too much to deal with? Just what does being mindful mean? I think for some it may feel like you have to be in this quiet space of non-action. Yet, that's really far from the truth. What if through connecting with your heart and mind and all your senses you actually felt more alive and awake to all the amazing opportunities you encounter throughout your day? That's what it feels like to me.

I engage in this wonderful spiritual ritual each day, prayer, doing my morning journaling, hiking in the beauty and wonder of nature and meditating. You'd think I wouldn't have time for anything else, yet everything else I do flows in usually amazing ways.

I've even noticed a change in the wonderful people I create photography with. Yes, they come to me for the photography I offer, but when we have completed our time together, very often they'll comment, "This was better than I could have imagined. I would never have known about this place or even seen it without you." I feel it's because I meander with those I create with and they're able to feel the joy in being present, especially with those they love in a beautiful natural environment.

And...I love to offer my photography gifts in Dove Mountain and Tucson as well as the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

Much comes with our opening to the gifts of Divine Creator Source! ...Uqualla

Many have seen Uqualla around the Sedona area, for that was his home for many years, and he frequents Sedona quite regularly, yet many may not know all the gifts he has shared and is happy to share with you on a personal level. I have had the privilege to create photography for Uqualla and his Sister Baby Sue since early 2000 and he and his sister are Dear friends to me. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a more in-depth understanding of Uqualla and his gifts through his words:

"I have been very fortunate to have embraced the importance of spirituality in ones EarthWalk (life). One must never discount the challenges that we all encounter. This has, with time for me, given the fuller understanding of my purpose and priorities in my EarthWalk."

I am a product of spirituality, in times of generational transitions from the last remnants of old school and the newer hybrid of spiritual expression! I have been very fortunate to be from a household that included a father who was a deacon in the Baptist religion, as well as a medicine man, grandfather! Both taught their respective beliefs to my brother, sister, and myself!

My life accomplishments have included: para-professional health assistant, health out-reach director for urban indians, both the sub-chief, and chief of my tribe (Havassupai Nation), developer of the lodge and hospitality services in Havasupai Nation, member of numerous tourism boards, Fashion designer, healer, dancer, traditional singer, cultural ambassador, and now an international spiritual diplomat!

Now my vision and work is being realized in the utilization of technology, remote healing, counsel, and readings.

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