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Family and Couple Portraits


Family Portraits with Pets Too !

You and your family are unique and that's why my photography is customized to meet your needs. I enjoy people, pets and our gorgeous landscape, and combine all these elements to capture your special moments. By listening to you, I can understand what location best resonates with you and your family. 


Sometimes people are concerned about what they should wear and I'm always happy to brainstorm the possibilities. I also enjoy discussing what you envision and what you're excited about for your family portraits, together with any concerns you may have. 

Sometimes when I'm creating with large family groups, people are concerned about young ones not responding the way they would like. I've found in the 30 years of amazing experiences that those issues do arise. Yet, I've found that by engaging young ones in the process, they generally have a great experience - it's like an adventure to them. If little ones are having a difficult time, I usually will suggest capturing the smaller family groups and then come back to the full group family portrait when the little one has had a chance to regroup. I've also noticed that being in nature has a tendency to allow people to relax and be their beautiful and natural selves. 

And...for me, this creative process is about you and the way in which we can make your beautiful family shine in the best of ways.