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Photography by Janise Witt
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Photographer of Life...

Savoring Memories - Creating Stories

Through Storytelling Photography


Janise Witt, Photographer

“Photography is a way

of feeling, of touching,

of loving.

What you have

caught on film

is captured forever…

It remembers little things,

long after you have forgotten everything.”

– Aaron Siskind

About Janise Witt Photographer

What is so important about

the way I feel about photography? 

There is no instrument or artistic expression which holds such mystery. It’s amazing to me to be able to look upon a scene, a beautiful person, couple or family and feel the joyful emotion, and with my mind’s eye be able to capture that image and bring it through the lens onto the digital image or print. It’s the magic of alchemy. That one moment in time in which the image is created, all the senses, heart and spirt go into creating the memory which flows through the lens of the camera. The photographic image holds such power, a tangible expression, that has the ability to bring you back to that moment of time. I am continually amazed even with the immediacy of the iPhones we now use; it is and will always remain an incredible mystery and one I love engaging with.

Proposals & Engagments   
Weddings & Couple Portraits
Special Times in Your Life

I am a photographic artist who loves people, the romance and natural beauty which surrounds me.  My photography is my gift to you. I enjoy listening and bringing visions to life. For me, a photograph is like a living mandala, for it embraces a rich tapestry of love, joy, and beauty, which embraces the memory of that one special moment in time when it was created. Your memories continue to live and can bring you back to your beautiful experience at any time.

Janise Witt Photography: Special Occasion Photography
Janise Witt Photography: Family with Pet Portraits

Family & Pet Portraits

I honor the wonderful  opportunities to capture your unfolding story. As well, taking people into the beauty of nature is a wonderful way to have everyone relax and capture the loving memories you will hold dear for your forever.


I look forward to hearing about the story you wish to create.

Born of Earth, Naturally Inspired

“When we recognize the virtues, the talent, the beauty of mother earth, something is born in us, some kind of connection, love is born.”   Thich Nhat Hanh


I’ve always felt an alignment with nature. Nature has a way of helping us tap into our inner wisdom and aligns us with what is important for our lives to thrive. When we approach nature with a heartfelt intention, focusing on the present and paying attention, we invite the natural world to lead us, we find insights which help us in our lives. 


I was directed to help others connect to nature through creating with nature guardians through the clay of the Earth….

Janise Witt Photography: Naturally Inspired Photography

Naturally Inspired Portraits - 
Finding Your Heart in Nature


Refresh, reflect and rejuvenate.  Feel your senses come alive and feel the rhythm of your heart as you deepen your relationship with nature.This creative process enables you to celebrate your path, embrace your goals, answer questions and simply enjoy being present.

Native People

I always enjoy attending festivals, because they really so embrace the present moment, fully engaged as a spiritual process which honors Mother Earth and Great Spirit and living traditions and rituals.

Janise Witt Photography: Native people
prickly pears.jpg

Fine Art

The love I feel in nature is what I wish to share with others. It reflects my time spent in a beautiful and dynamic landscape, and the personality I feel as I hike and commune with the natural world and seek to discover the personality each place holds. It also encompasses people ghosted into the environment in such a way that you feel the beauty and the spirit or personality which weaves through a place.When I am out in nature, I feel fully present and with all my senses fully engaged, I may capture, through the photographic eye, that one unique moment in time, which may reflect a richer story or image to be experienced by the beholder.


"I can't remember seeing landscape photography that took my breath
away like yours.  I'm humbled by looking at them.  What genius you have"
- Phil


"Just wanted to let you know how  impressed I am with your photography and
website.  I've been in photography for over 40 years and recently retired as
Director of Photography at the University of Florida - your work is some of the best I've seen.  Am recommending your site to students at UF"


I just wanted you to know that we absolutely LOVE our pictures! 

You did an amazing job. Thanks again! We were so excited to get to see our

pictures so quickly after the wedding!!!""

-Mindy & Sean​

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