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Meandering down a river - like the  Dordogne in Southern France, for the full day really provides a wonderful opportunity to be present and enjoy this wonderful area of the world. 


My husband and I had the opportunity to take our Canoe out for the whole day - stop in certain areas, which we did to visit a wonderful castle and then continue meandering down the river - like row, row, row your boat - gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, -  life is what a dream.


When I'm able to capture images this way, they become wonderful memories as well.  I hope you enjoy!

If you want a special place to spend part of your full day meandering, I hope you'll consider Westfork - also known as Call of the Canyon in Oak  Creek Canyon.


Whether you're an artist or just want to enjoy an amazing place, I know you will come away with wonderful memories of this area.

The way of being present and the wonder is a gift.  When we're totally absorbed in the moment and fully engaged with all our senses, we create in the  most beautiful way.  Enter into a beautiful environment  and before you begin your artistic creation try simply closing your eyes and giving attention to each sense – one sense at a time. It is in this moment, being fully engaged which gifts us our richest tapestry of memory and artistry.


By going mindfully into nature or into any endeavor we are engaged in, makes our experience that much richer.


Technical aspects of photography are important, because understanding how your camera operates, enables you to take control, so that the image you capture is in alignment with what you see in your mind’s eye, rather than letting your camera’s programs dictate what the image should be.  Once you are able to understand this, the most important thing in photography or in any artistic endeavor is about being at one with your subject; take the time to slow down and really enjoy all the insights your senses are providing you. 


If  you love nature photography, you might want to try this little exercise.  Go to a location of your choice and find a place to sit for a couple of minutes; 10 or 15 minutes would really be great!  Close your eyes and one at a time, let your senses inform you.


Listen to the birds or the running stream nearby – you may even hear the voices of children or adults at play – what nuances can you pick up?


Smell the beautiful aromas of nature – it might be the scent of flowers in the air, or the wet ground at your feet – or it could it be the ferns or plants nearby.


What does your skin feel like?  Is there a breeze that’s blowing by; if you’re under a tree, does the air feel like it embraces you?


Are you picking up any insights about a question you may have?


You could even try whistling or singing and feeling the sensation in your throat .


Now open your eyes – I feel sure you will see colors and textures in a completely different and more vibrant way.  And, I know the images you take throughout your journey will provide you wonderful memories that bring you back to this beautiful moment in time.


When we take the time to really look at what we are capturing, it gives us the opportunity to really reflect on what is important and why we so enjoy a particular image.  We gain perspective and this image or the images we take, become memories we will treasure – they become like living mandalas.


It’s not always about the quantity of photographs we take, it really is about the quality and experience we enjoy while capturing these beautiful images.


I’ve had the opportunity and privilege of photographing professionally for over 30 years and I enjoy this process more now than I did when I began my career.  As I reflect over how this happened, I understand it is because I have come to fully engage with the people or place I’m photographing.  It’s certainly about capturing what others envision for their special times and celebrations, but it’s also about the whole experience; because it is the whole experience which infuses wonderful memories and creates stories which will touch the hearts of others throughout their lifetimes.


I am happy to take you on a photographic sojourn here in Sedona, Southern Arizona or in other areas.


I love nature and I’ve found photographing in nature can provide some wonderful insights into questions I have, so sometimes I will create a  photographic journal, which can be done easily on Blurb.  Then, it’s possible to go back to these beautiful images and write about my feelings as though I was back in this wonderful area, to enjoy all over again.


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