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Naturally Inspired Portraits - 
Finding Your Heart in Nature


Refresh, reflect and rejuvenate.  Feel your senses come alive and feel the rhythm of your heart as you deepen your relationship with nature.This creative process enables you to celebrate your path, embrace your goals, answer questions and simply enjoy being present.

Janise Witt Photography: Naturally Inspired Photography


As you can see,  food is something that is very much alive and as I love being in the present when I photograph for the cookbooks, what resonates with me is the full tapestry and wonder of Earth's bounty together with the ideas and processes the chefs go through to create these culinary masterpieces. It's really the whole creative process which lends itself so well to the storytelling photography I so love.

Plein Air Artist

Storytelling Portraits

I honor the wonderful  opportunities to capture your unfolding story. As well, taking people into the beauty of nature is a wonderful way to have everyone relax and capture the loving memories you will hold dear for your forever.


I look forward to hearing about the story you wish to create.

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