Naturally Inspired -
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Refresh - Reflect - Rejuvenate

Feel your senses come alive and feel the rhythm of your heart 
and deepen your relationship with nature.

Naturally Inspired Portraits

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"Oh Janise...this is so beautiful! I cried watching it. I shared it with one of the veterans that comes to my Wednesday class and he was amazed by the intensity of it. Well done! I'm going to share it on my Facebook and website. Thank you for your beautiful vision." Susie

    Karen's Inspiring Story of Perseverance

"The story I'm trying to tell is about Life's Journey. I'm wanting photos on a mountain top like I've seen in your wedding gallery. And photos on forest paths, walking across the river, and the like. 



These are spectacular!!

Looking at the photos brings me back there and

I almost feel the energy even more through the photos since I'm in a quiet place! I LOVE IT!!!

Oh - thank you!

I'm so excited and I'm really proud of what we did. 

Susie asked the question:

what does it mean to be worthy?

She gave me permission to share this visual meditation with you.

I hope you enjoy!

Take your portrait experience to a new and deeper level through

your Naturally Inspired Portrait. 


Because of my love of nature, quiet contemplative time and journaling that I’ve done for years; I understand the way nature has enabled me to connect with all my senses in a fully present way and also connect to my spiritual essence and the Divine. When I go into nature, it's like going into an oasis for my soul.


I’ve had questions that have been answered through this time; insights into solutions; as well as next steps to take when I’m working on cultivating my dreams. I’ve found nature to be quite healing as well.  It’s like Earth and Heaven embrace you in whatever you’re trying to understand on a deeper level.  For me, nature is my studio; I love capturing memories and creating stories with others and providing a full experience which really goes beyond the photography.  I’ve had so many people whose portraits I’ve captured, tell me “Janise this is a wonderful experience – we had so much fun, it’s like an adventure.” And…yes it is an adventure into the beauty and wonder of nature, while you’re feeling joy and understanding what you desire on a deeper dimension.


The Naturally Inspired Portrait is personalized for you. This can be created individually or for an intimate group of people. I'm happy to brainstorm with you about your goal, question or intention.  We'll then choose a place which resonates with you in nature. Through quiet time in nature you reflect and gain insights, which you’ll journal about briefly.  As you enjoy these new insights there will be images in nature you’ll be drawn to, sometimes as a metaphor to answer a question and provide insight. I’ll capture images of you for this portrait as well as other visual prompts you enjoy during your journey.  You may even want to capture some of the images with your smartphone.


When our photography is complete, I will then create a visual meditation with music that resonates with you, so you will be able to enjoy this personalized meditation when you return home and can use it regularly to help you answer additional questions and gain insights.  As well, I will create a visual journal for you, so you may write your insights and again connect with these visual memories (or living mandalas) to continue to grow in your understanding; cultivate the next steps of your dreams or reflect on the healing and wonder that is taking place in  your life.

What's great about this process is that it is personalized to you and for you!  I am also happy to help you create your own visual meditations to enable you to move forward with your goals, answering questions or simply creating stories about your wonderful adventures.

This is completely confidential unless you give me permission to use your images and intention.

What if you really felt and understood that you were important and that you have a unique gift or gifts to share with the world that would make your life flow more smoothly; and in a more joyful way. Maybe you know what your gifts are and I celebrate you; maybe you know some of your gifts, yet you don't know how to apply them.


This portrait offering is about celebrating you. Whether you are celebrating something you've accomplished, have questions about where your gifts may fit in, need insights into your direction, or how to move forward with your dreams...I feel this may be something enriching for you.

Sylvia really enjoyed her process and also found different elementals in nature together with a vision she received during her quiet time that she wanted me to include in her visual meditation


In Sylvia's own words, "what a fabulous memory of an extraordinary day - one that will surely stand out as a highlight of her year. You also captured the spirit of transformation so beautifully as my youngest daughter said when she saw the image of my hair blowing in the wind...Wow you look so beautiful and free.  It feels like a new person almost - a healed person.  What a special gift you have to share and offer."

I wanted to create a visual meditation of my Tuscany journey, so you would have an idea of what this process is about.  When I had  the opportunity to experience this for myself, I could really see and feel the value of this process, in a way I would love to share with you.


As well, please check out my journal, as an example of what we could do for your portrait at  Blurb


Please contact me to discuss your personalized Portrait to Transform.


All my very best to you,




Gardens - Instruments of Grace

What’s so amazing about gardens? Nature in all its glorious forms and aspects enables us to connect with something larger than ourselves. As humans, we need that connection for our minds, bodies and our spirits. Gardens really do matter. 

Have you noticed, especially if you live in a city, that when you’re able to visit a garden, you suddenly feel a sense of calm, as if you’ve entered an oasis for your heart and mind?


An abundance of benefits await to being outside and around green spaces. Walks improve our positive mindset, increase our ability to think about and solve personal problems, and inspires us to think creatively.


Many gardens entice you into quiet spaces for reflection. As well, you'll find some gardens enhance the natural experience with artistic expressions which elevate your heart to new heights of awareness.

As Above - So Below

“Inside each one of us there is a mostly hidden, mostly golden, mostly eternal image or aspect of being, 

similar to the gold that is buried in the earth. 

We are the earthlings, the children of the earth, 

and therefore we are a replica, 

in a sense, of the earth itself. One of the ideas that is important is: 


As above, so below. As outside, so within.” ― Michael Meade

Can Imagery Evoke Change? How many times have we been moved by a photograph or a piece of art that touches us deeply and entices us into unknown territory? The visual image is very powerful; it can entice us to explore a new area, get involved in something that can make our world a better place and even empower us to make changes in our lives or to see a new perspective on a goal we’re endeavoring to bring to life. 


For me, an image I created actually invited me to move to a new area. A number of years ago I had visited Sabino Canyon in the fall and feel in love with this beautiful dancing tree - bursting brilliantly in all shades of yellow. In response to a new exhibit I was to be in, I decided to use this image and create a reflection and a creek running through it. I ended up hanging this in my bedroom, where I would pass by every day and reflect on it before going to sleep. 

When I felt a need for a change in location, this image called to me. I’ve been in my new location for almost three years and I am just now understanding what this signifies for me.

Sedona was certainly spiritually bursting with color and drama - always glorious. 


The area I now reside in Dove Mountain is exquisitely beautiful. Yet, the insight I received was that there was a hidden world to uncover here in Southern Arizona and as with all roots or what flows below; it would take more time to uncover. I am now exploring and discovering some wonderful so below opportunities.

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