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Storytelling Portraits

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How do I create your storytelling portrait?  First of all I listen and pay attention to what is important to you and  I enjoy brainstorming with you to feel the thread that you wish to manifest into your unfolding story.  Does the visual photography and imagery reflect the story being told?  Whether you desire that one image that really reflects your story, or a number of images which are created to present a composite of  your full story;  for your website or book, I love the full circle process and opportunity to emphasize your vision, which then weaves with the written word and dynamic images to bring your vision full circle.   For... a picture is worth a thousand words.

When I create with publications, I will always pre-visualize images in my photographers eye and then when I get to the location or talk to the person I am telling the story about, my vision may change to reflect the richer essence of that person or place.  It's really the heart and the spirit of the person I'm intending to capture and that story has a way of letting me know how it wants to be reflected.

When I work closely with a writer, I find the story may take on a life of its own. If it's a place you want to entice people to visit or an interesting person who needs to have their story told and shown, it is my aim to capture that story, as a rich tapestry of experience.

I provide quality, dynamic imagery in my photography and meet completion dates.  I am easy to work with, while creating the images which reflect the intent and story. 

Uqualla wanted to create with the Flight of the Condor for the launching of a movie he was to participate in.

It's fun to create and collaborate with others; as I had the opportunity to do with Mary for her website.  For your website is really a story of what you do and in what way you may help others. 

The portraits, together with the words you use to describe what you do helps others to really see and understand who you are and what you're able to provide to others through the gifts you share.

I always enjoy creating with Uqualla and Baby  Sue.  We had the opportunity to travel to a very special stie in New Mexico, where they wanted to create a ceremony in gratitude to the Earth and to the Divine and they asked me to join them and capture this beautiful ceremony with them. 

The music is composed and also the singing was performed by James Uqualla.

Monument Valley 


What an incredible sacred space and honoring of people and place coming together.  I had the opportunity to capture the very special event taking place for a whole weekend and to take a special private tour into the enchanted areas of this amazing place.

Your Unique Portait - Personalized with You and For You.

I love listening to what people have to say, so I can really capture their true essence and understand what they are envisioning for their portrait which is going to reflect so much about who they are.

Your Family Portait - It's Really About You

When people contact me to see if I create family portraits, I am really so excited, because for me it's about the beauty of your family and the places I have the opportunity to share with you; that you then get to take home and enjoy as often as you woudl like.

For me, your family portrait is about giving you a rich and beautiful whole experience.

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