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A Day in the Life with Arianna & Alissio

A Day in the Life with people who would become special friends, Arianna and Alissio - sharing their love of the local fare and their people and.... took me along for the day. I had so much fun capturing beautiful photographs of our full day of events!

I originally met Arianna online for a trip I was in the process of creating to Tuscany. I could tell from the beginning that we shared a love of the farm to fork and looked forward to getting to know she and her husband better. I wasn't sure how this was going to work out because of my schedule during my time with the people in my group. Yet I had included an extra day before returning home and....

As the Divine would embrace this coming together, we met and had a wonderful day out in the countryside of Tuscany. I had the privilege to meet their local people who they were trying to promote; a shepherd with his wonderful goats and cheese, a local restaurant that used the local fare exclusively and a wine maker who was the first wine maker in Tuscany to be organic.

Then Arianna and Alissio took me to their beautiful home where I had a chance to meet Arianna's mom, who was so very proud that she was producing her very own wine - how great was this!

So you see, from the original intent to come together with people with the same heartfelt interest and alignment, something beautiful was and always is created. And the photographs taken will continue to bring back our wonderful memories of our special day together.

Thank you Arianna and Alissio


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