An artist is a nourisher and a creator who knows that

during the act of creation, there is collaboration. We

do not create alone. ~Madeleine L'Engle

When we invite someone into our process, we are collaborating, as well as when someone invites us into their process, we collaborate. How would your purposeful work shift, if you began feeling that each person you create with you are actually collaborating with.

...And, how much richer an experience would unfold through these creative collaborations?

Wow! When collaborations flow together

they are truly amazing.

I've experienced some really beautiful shifts take place in all arenas of artistic expression. It used to be that you had to seize your territory; as a photographer, no other photographer was to photograph while you were doing so and when you worked on projects, you were the sole photographer.

I've come to realize that each person holds their unique vision for something that is really important to them. So, now when I'm creating with brides and grooms or families and people have the urge to take a picture or few, I feel engaged in the process, for it is their special memory they're trying to seize hold of and embrace.

As well, when I collaborate on a project with others, the boundaries of work efforts are becoming a blending of ideas, written material, how the design is to be integrated with the concept and what the photography will include. In some cases, the person I'm creating with may have beautiful images, taken with the joy and passion in the moment. I now see and feel this as a beautiful opportunity to create amazing tapestries of story, which comes to full vibrant life, and holds within it more beauty and depth... and I guess that's what they refer to as synchronicity.

With technologies constantly changing, people are taking wonderful photographs and videos on their Smartphones. People who don't have formal writing experience are beginning to see how their insights and thoughts flow through them onto the pages of Social Media. As well, various online companies are helping people with their ideas or concepts to create beautiful artistic expressions.

This is not to say that professional photographers, designers, writers and editors are not vitally important; it just gives us the opportunity to expand our circle of understanding on how we create and come to understand we all have the potential to express ourselves creatively.

When I create with anyone, I look upon this as a collaboration. I ask people what they envision for what they are celebrating, or the story they wish to tell. And...what has come from this? Wonderful experiences that are rich and carry the beauty of the whole experience to be remembered and treasured into far reaches of time.

"We are your children; we wake to your embrace,

you embody the complete of sacredness!

All that you care for; you remain unconditional in your love!

You gift to us the purity of your life-giving waters

May we be like her, flowing to overcome any and all obstacles;

crystalline, clear, pure, and life-giving!

Mother Earth, continue to teach, heal, and protect!

Hangyo (it is good)"... James Uqualla (Jeva)

Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film. Your bright eyes, your easy smile is your museum."

"I can look at a fine art photograph and sometimes I can hear music.

The negative is the equivalent of the composer's score,

and the print the performance." ~ Ansel Adams are sitting or lying down on the ground in your favorite area (for me it's the red rocks; unless I'm at the Ocean, of course). Notice how the ground feels. Close your eyes. Notice the aromas in the air, or how soft the breeze feels against your skin. Open your eyes and look up at the sky. Observe the blueness of the sky or the formations of the clouds, the birds in the sky or the butterflies floating by. When I take the time to meditate in the natural surroundings, I feel totally present and centered in the gifted present moment; I completely relax and am able to listen to my surroundings with all my senses.

What would happen if we were able to listen on this beautiful mindful level as we lived our every day life, and even more so as we create our artistic expressions? I'm here to say you can - I'd love to help in your creative process.

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