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Visualization & Collaborationwith Lisa Dahl

This is about the beautiful process of creative collaboration with others. It all begins with intention and being centered as you begin this process. Intention is the seed and when we are in a relaxed and allowing space within our physical being, we are able to nourish and nurture the growth of this seed into beautiful reality, whether we're creating photography, writing our thoughts, or moving forward in a collaborative venture.

I always love to collaborate with other like minded people and I’ve been so very fortunate to do so through my years as a professional storytelling photographer. However, what I love about this time in our history, with the technology available is that we all have the opportunity to create stories which

speak to our hearts. That’s where visualization comes in. For me, I love photography yet my other senses a

long with my intuition come to play when I’m creating. I love to listen to what others are excited about and this somehow stimulates the photographic images I see in my mind’s eye. As I spend time with others in the creative collaboration, I understand them on a deeper level and this also spurs more branches within the endeavor, project or story.

It’s like when Lisa Dahl asked me to accompany her to Italy to create the photography for her book - The Elixir of Life - she had in mind taking shots of food and the way restaurants and retail shops displayed the food, along with completed dishes she cr

eated. What happened during our journey to Italy is that even though the original intention was very much the heart of the project, I began photographing people and the places which were so amazing through Tuscany. As well, as Lisa created with a local chef, I captured the creative process. This is what I love about the creative process and storytelling photography, is that it has the opportunity to blossom in far greater ways and with a richer tapestry when you are in tune and connected to the unlimited possibilities within the original concept.

It’s like the tree begins as a seed, yet the branches reach way up into the sky.


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