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Nature - The Colors of Spirit

Nature always wears the colors of The Spirit. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve always been a nature girl - I feel I am nature. Yet, in what way were the seeds of my love for nature planted? For me, I recognized this love from the earliest time I can remember. I know when I was very young, my Mom and Grandparents introduced me to aspects of life which were fun, nurtured my curiosity, and actually came to be the elements which I still create with to this very day. And…I realize the essence of what I love is weaving the Spirit of the Divine with the natural world in all I enjoy and create.

Nature has a way of helping us tap into our inner wisdom and aligns us with what is important for our lives to thrive. When we approach nature with a heartfelt intention, focusing on the present and paying attention, we invite the natural world to lead us, we find insights which help us in our lives.

From these insights, we can strengthen our inner wisdom and we are less thrown off by the chaos in the world. I look at my time in nature and with the Divine as an oasis which stays with me throughout my day.

One experience I love when I’m in nature is to choose a quiet and comfortable location. Sit, or if you really feel comfortable, lay on the ground for about 20 minutes. At first the ground may feel hard, yet after a few minutes you will feel embraced by the Earth, you will be revitalized and when you open your eyes, all your senses will be heightened and filled with vibrant colors.


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