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Nature & Technology - Wow a Perfect Blend

Can Nature and Technology Blend Together?

Wow - I say it's a perfect blending!

Last weekend, I came across an invitation, which I was unable to attend to discuss in what ways nature and technology can come together. Right away, I was able to reflect on various ways I use technology to enhance my experience in nature.

Wow! I say it's a perfect blending. I love to explore and discover new areas and even find ways to discover new things in my own home state. Searching the internet provides so much information when you're scouting an area to visit or vacation; you get to reflect on images, activities to do in an area, reviews of places to stay and go and when I'm traveling in the United States, I love to bring my dog, Ami (Amadei), so what better place to find pet friendly information.

Then, when I visit an area, I can give my full attention to all my senses and enjoy what's before me, and many times explore more possibilities. Read More...

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