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As Above - So Below

“Inside each one of us there is a mostly hidden, mostly golden, mostly eternal image or aspect of being, similar to the gold that is buried in the earth. We are the earthlings, the children of the earth, and therefore we are a replica, in a sense, of the earth itself. One of the ideas that is important is: As above, so below. As outside, so within.” ― Michael Meade

Can Imagery Evoke Change? How many times have we been moved by a photograph or a piece of art that touches us deeply and entices us into unknown territory? The visual image is very powerful; it can entice us to explore a new area, get involved in something that can make our world a better place and even empower us to make changes in our lives or to see a new perspective on a goal we’re endeavoring to bring to life. For me, an image I created actually invited me to move to a new area. A number of years ago I had visited Sabino Canyon in the fall and feel in love with this beautiful dancing tree - bursting brilliantly in all shades of yellow. In response to a new exhibit I was to be in, I decided to use this image and create a reflection and a creek running through it. I ended up hanging this in my bedroom, where I would pass by every day and reflect on it before going to sleep. When I felt a need for a change in location, this image called to me. I’ve been in my new location for almost three years and I am just now understanding what this signifies for me.

Sedona was certainly spiritually bursting with color and drama - always glorious. The area I now reside in Dove Mountain is exquisitely beautiful. Yet, the insight I received was that there was a hidden world to uncover here in Southern Arizona and as with all roots or what flows below; it would take more time to uncover. I am now exploring and discovering some wonderful so below opportunities.


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