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Creating In Joy

Joy is a net by which you catch souls ....Mother Teresa

Joy does give us a vibrance to living life well. As I was hiking this morning, I was pondering how joy is so very important in our lives. I asked the trees to share with me if they feel joy. I loved their response, "we feel a vibrance and are fully alive when our roots are nourished and we are connected to our family." Wow! To me that's so true in my own life; when I feel nourished and rested and connected to people I love and enjoy; how great life is!

I'm consistently reminded how much joy there is to be had. When I'm out in nature I feel totally alive and well and then when I have the opportunities to create with others in nature who are doing so much celebrating and doing what they love; it's like a special bonus beyond words.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you Dear God.


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