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Gardens - Instruments of Grace

“How deeply seated in the human heart is the liking

for gardens and gardening. " ~ Alexander Smith

What’s so amazing about gardens? Nature in all its glorious forms and aspects enables us to connect with something larger than ourselves. As humans, we need that connection for our minds, bodies and our spirits. Gardens really do matter.

Have you noticed, especially if you live in a city, that when you’re able to visit a garden, you suddenly feel a sense of calm, as if you’ve entered an oasis for your heart and mind?

An abundance of benefits await to being outside and around green spaces. Walks improve our positive mindset, increase our ability to think about and solve personal problems, and inspires us to think creatively.

Many gardens entice you into quiet spaces for reflection. As well, you'll find some gardens enhance the natural experience with artistic expressions which elevate your heart to new heights of awareness.


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