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Has Mindfulness Gone Too Far - Just What’s So Great About Being Mindful

What if, by engaging in activities that center your heart and mind, you were able to feel more joy, create on a deeper level, and process through your projects and responsibilities with more enthusiasm?

I recently saw an article in Linkedin on this very topic and it gave me pause to ponder; is being joyful and fully engaged in your beautiful life too much to deal with? Just what does being mindful mean? I think for some it may feel like you have to be in this quiet space of non-action. Yet, that's really far from the truth. What if through connecting with your heart and mind and all your senses you actually felt more alive and awake to all the amazing opportunities you encounter throughout your day? That's what it feels like to me.

I engage in this wonderful spiritual ritual each day, prayer, doing my morning journaling, hiking in the beauty and wonder of nature and meditating. You'd think I wouldn't have time for anything else, yet everything else I do flows in usually amazing ways.

I've even noticed a change in the wonderful people I create with. Yes, they come to me for the photography I offer, but when we have completed our time together, very often they'll comment, "This was better than I could have imagined. I would never have known about this place or even seen it without you." I feel it's because I meander with those I create with and they're able to feel the joy in being present, especially with those they love in a beautiful natural environment.

Does this feel like too much to do? What if you were to take one mindful activity per day. At day's end, how do you feel? Did it make a difference?


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