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Joella Jean Mahoney Thank You for Your Inspiration

I had the pleasure to know Joella and call her friend. She was a wonderful inspiration to me; and thousands of others, I know, and she continues to be.

Several years ago I created a project "Through the Eyes of the Soul" which included several people who I felt held a unique perspective to spirituality and Mother Earth and Joella was One! I thought I would share her insights, because even now they continue to inspire me.

In her own words:

"I'm asked when I decided to become an artist - why do I do art - I never had to decide to be a painter.

Artist is such a broad term. In order to be great you have to have the aptitude for it - this applies to every human endeavor - we gravitate toward our aptitude. At three years of age I started making art - I chose painting.

With the lakeshore - woodland - professors, health advocates, every gender choice, executives, artists, writers - beautiful sand dunes and intellectual people...

The landscape was magic - a place to roam freely and enjoy stimulating conversations. I loved the magic and wonder of nature - seasons changing, birds flying, plants growing, smells, light changes, endless space of Lake Michigan - looking out to forever.

Sensual - of the senses - Nature provides an endless source of inspiration and beauty. I feel successful to share a living experience - what does it mean to be alive on this planet?

I experience a heightened sense of being - I am alive in nature, with horses, friends and family.

When creating - we are happy and feel whole - creating revitalizes us.

I am grateful I have a life where I can focus on art making - I'm lucky.

So gratitude is probably top on my list."


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