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Let Your Love Soar - Sedona Style

Sedona is a magical place for anything...especially for celebrating the love you share with someone special.

It really does have everything to do with the Red Rocks of Sedona. There is an energy which truly does embrace the love and joy, beauty and wonder of all celebrations which are infused with love; and it just so happens Sedona is the color we associate with love, RED!

What I love about creating storytelling photography with others in the natural beauty of Sedona is that you really can enjoy your proposal, engagement and your special wedding day the way you envision. I really enjoy listening to what is important to others and I love exploring the possibilities, which are really endless, in capturing their special celebration, and creating memories which delve far deeper than the photographic image.

I'd love to discuss your special celebration with you and collaborate on how we can make this a beautiful memory and story for you, that you will treasure throughout your lifetime.


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