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Naturally Inspired - Authentically You!

“Everything in nature invites us

constantly to be what we are.” – Gretel Ehrlich

How do you tap into your heart - what inspires you?

While on vacation last year, I began pondering the many ways we each contemplate and feel at one in our being. I noticed people running, fishing, painting, having joyful times with people they love, together with their pets or just having fun. I observed it’s really anything which brings you into a state of being, where everything else melts away.

Then I began to think - what if we were to look at the metaphor of our life as a tree?

I started thinking about this because to me a tree resembles our heart and everything which emanates from it. I picture the roots as our heart centered intention as connected to the Divine, and all the branches of the tree as the aspects of our lives which enrich us; the love we have for others, the activities we engage in, the way we go about our lives - each can be viewed as a whole tree of life.

I wanted to share some of the insights I’ve received as I’ve observed people in nature through images which have touched my heart, and include quotes which I feel punctuate these beautiful heartfelt memories. Some of these images and quotes may give you ideas on what you love to do and how you might incorporate what you love in the wonder of nature. And...I've created a book, which I hope you'll enjoy taking a look at.

Please enjoy the preview: Naturally Inspired - Authentically You!


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