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Opening to Gifts of Our Earth Walk

Much comes with our opening to the gifts of Divine Creator Source! ...Uqualla

Many have seen Uqualla around the Sedona area, for that was his home for many years, and he frequents Sedona quite regularly, yet many may not know all the gifts he has shared and is happy to share with you on a personal level. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a more

in-depth understanding of Uqualla and his gifts through his words:

"I have been very fortunate to have embraced the importance of spirituality in ones EarthWalk (life). One must never discount the challenges that we all encounter. This has, with time for me, given the fuller understanding of my purpose and priorities in my EarthWalk."

I am a product of spirituality, in times of generational transitions from the last remnants of old school and the newer hybrid of spiritual expression! I have been very fortunate to be from a household that included a father who was a deacon in the Baptist religion, as well as a medicine man, grandfather! Both taught their respective beliefs to my brother, sister, and myself!

My life accomplishments have included: para-professional health assistant, health out-reach director for urban indians, both the sub-chief, and chief of my tribe (Havassupai Nation), developer of the lodge and hospitality services in Havasupai Nation, member of numerous tourism boards, Fashion designer, healer, dancer, traditional singer, cultural ambassador, and now an international spiritual diplomat!

Now my vision and work is being realized in the utilization of technology, remote healing, counsel, readings, thru:

Search for Uqualla @ tweeter, facebook fanpage, You-tube, and Skype

Search for Uqualla 2 @ instagram, - Blog

I avail myself to speaking and teaching engagements.

Gratitude for your attention,

"In Spirits Embrace"


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