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Sedona Pottery Celebrates 50 Years of Fire and Clay

I love what I'm about to share with you because it so embraces the storytelling process in a way that was totally personalized to and for Mary Margaret. When I create with others, it's about their story and empowering their voice and unique gifts to shine.

Mary Margaret's beautiful book - 50 Years of Fire and Clay takes you through her beautiful journey of 50 years, which has continued to grow and thrive. in Mary Margaret's own words:

Wow, I had guts! Traveling off into the world with very little money, only a desire to be a potter. People helped me, taught me and showed me a life I could not even imagine...

The beauty of clay, fire and water combined together with the excellence of pure form make Mary Margaret's Sedona Pottery. She's been creating, and devoting her life long passion to pottery, which has further evolved into a wonderful book, "50 Years of Fire and Clay," reflecting the wonder of her creative process and the beauty of her artistry as a potter and sculptor.

You are invited to a book signing of this new creation; a collaboration between Mary Margaret and Sedona photographer, Janise Witt. You'll delve into Mary Margaret's life, adventures and creative process through the last 50 years. You'll certainly enjoy the twists and turns; how her love of pottery began and how she receives daily inspiration to create new works of art. Mary Margaret shares her love of the Ancient Craft, using methods of the ancients, to form Modern Ceramics which blends the beauty of the pottery you love to use and display in your home.

You'll have the opportunity to delve into her process, inspiration and love of what she has created for over 50 years. As well, she is the artist, so you will be able to feel the creative energy, which Mary Margaret so infuses into all that she creates.

Mary Margaret puts it so well, "I have enough ideas or things to make in clay to last three lifetimes...or more! Inspiration is something that enters a project and takes over. The energy is all around and my hands seem to work on their own without need of the brain. Hours go by and I seem to be able to do something, I didn't know I could do, but also knew no concept of; like being taken over."

If you have visited Sedona Pottery, you understand it is a true Sedona experience; where Sedona meets creativity; a place to pick up a one-of-kind gift, find exquisite ethnic and tribal jewelry and enjoy great conversation. If you have not had the privilege of visiting this one of a kind experience, now is your chance.

You have the privilege of experiencing the unfolding biography of one of the most beautiful potters and sculptors; Mary Margaret.

"It's amazing. I've been making pottery for over 50 years and living in beautiful Sedona since 1968. People keep supporting my business, Sedona Pottery, so I'm not quitting now! I am looking forward to the next 50 years of clay and my 70th year of life."


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