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Sedona's Chef David Schmidt Shares His Inspiration

I love to photograph and create photographic stories of people who are excited about the gifts they share. And...I had the opportunity to go foraging with David and capture some fun culinary photos as well. He shared with me:

Three things I was inspired to remember:

Love what you do,

Surround yourself with people who are as passionate as you are, and continue to learn and grow.

If you've had the opportunity to see David at work and immersed in what he loves, just take the opportunity to dine at the Pump House Station Urban Eatery and Market. I love creating with people who are excited about what they do and David is certainly one of those people.

"What drives me and keeps me going everyday as an artist? You need that creative passage everyday, you can't be mundane. My creative expression has to be on the plate.

Certain things I gravitate toward as a chef ; I enjoy the aspect of the local farmers market across the street and utilizing whatever ingredients are around. Foraging only happens a couple months a year but I really like that time of year as well; it shows us how we can use the bountiful and plentiful forest around us that gives us so much."


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