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Where Will 100 Steps Take You

“Purpose is the reason you journey.

Passion is the fire that lights the way.”


As we journey through our life, we may think there's always something better on the other side. And…that we need to conform to society’s expectations to reach the pinnacle of success? After all, what determines success to me may be different than what success means to you.

I thought about this concept as I watched again "The 100 Foot Journey." It’s a journey which begins at the home of the heart, and comes full circle, through challenges, learning exciting new ways of dong things, added perspectives and understanding that, through these twists and turns we have the opportunity to return to our true home of our heart.

The obvious story is about a young man, Hassan Kadam who is taught by his mother and largely self-taught the wonders of finding special ingredients and cooking. His Mom dies in a tragic fire in their native India, which forces his family to find a new place to call home; which they find in a beautiful French village. There is quite a bit of friction between Hassan’s family and Madam Mallory, the proprietress of an acclaimed restaurant, just 100 feet away. They find a way to come together in beautiful ways, a heartwarming full circle.

Yet, upon watching this movie again, I also realized it’s about a young man who is passionate in his quest be a cook. He truly tastes with all his senses that which he creates, has a love for the local ingredients and he’s also curious about what’s next - so he goes on a quest to learn how to create French cuisine.

I love the way your senses are aroused - fully present through the various movie scenes. You see Hassan out in the field picking truffles; stirring the sauces and even the making of the omelette for Madam Mallory is quite a sensual experience.

He has quite a gift, which Madam Mallory recognizes, and takes him under her wing. He soon attains a second Michelin Star for the restaurant, and off to Paris he goes. For…going to Paris is the next right thing according to society - where he will make his mark on the world.

After a short time, he begins to blend the spices he loved as a child with his mom, into the French cuisine. As well, he realizes the love of his home - his family and those he left behind - is the essence of life. He decides to return to the home of his heart in the French Village. There with his love, Marguerite, his family and Madame Mallory, he comes full circle. He succeeds on his terms, in his authentic way, and receives his third star at the French restaurant where he began.

I feel what began as a journey of discovery, and a career he loved actually became who he was. His career and life emerged as his life purpose.

I’ve had the opportunity to observe this full circle with people I’ve created with, and feel this is my journey as well. Those who love what they share with the world actually are the gift they share; and what better life purpose could there be?


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